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Studying in Germany offers a first-class education, which is why a degree from a German university gives students the perfect foundation for a successful career in their home countries and around the world. The “Studienbrücke Deutschland” (“Study Bridge Germany”) prepares students for studying in Germany after graduating from high school. Upon successful completion of the university preparation program, students with a high school diploma can apply to universities. After completing their university degrees in Germany, program participants will receive support as they continue their education or start their careers in their home countries.

Target Group and Language Requirements

“Studienbrücke Deutschland” is a scholarship program that is designed to provide linguistic and subject-matter-specific preparation for studying in Germany to students in their junior year of high school, who have outstanding achievements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM subjects). The program additionally introduces participants to Germany’s teaching, learning, and campus culture and familiarizes them with the German social environment. In order to participate in the program, students must attend an American school over at least the past 6 years and show proof of being proficient in German at the A1 level.

Program Content

The “Studienbrücke Deutschland” program consists of
  • Language courses up to the B2 level offered alongside school
  • Subject-matter-specific preparation in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)
  • Academic guidance counseling
  • Exams, including preparation
  • Intercultural training

Program Costs

Students can receive a scholarship for the study bridge program. Full scholarships include costs for all components of the program except for travel expenses to Germany. Participants must also provide their own spending money for their exchange year in Germany and cover the costs for insurance.

If a student does not qualify for a full scholarship, the student has to cover the following expenses: Summer camp (1500.00 euros plus approx. 1200.00 euros travel expenses); German language courses and exams (1100 euros); academic training (600 euros); administration fee (900 euros); travel expenses to Germany (approx. 800.00 euros); insurance in Germany (approx. 50 euros/month); spending money in Germany (approx. 300 euros/month).

The Goethe-Institut does NOT cover any of the costs associated with applying for a visa or further studies in Germany.



The program consists of several modules to provide linguistic and subject-matter-specific preparation for studying in Germany.


Students in their junior year of high school may apply to participate in the “Studienbrücke Deutschland” program if they meet the requirements.


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