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Study BridgeUni Bonn

Study Bridge Testimonials

Daniel Jeon: Module 2 Participant

The Study Bridge drew me because it bridged my interests in German and STEM. I always wanted to mix them together, but I was not sure how exactly I could close the gap between them. I envisioned becoming researcher in a branch of medicine, but how was I ever going to blend a language into it? However, through the Study Bridge, which provides college opportunities in STEM, I can learn more German while learning science. It's absolutely a great opportunity!

Ruby Dalton: Module 4 Participant

Studying abroad and science have long been interests of mine, so this program seemed like a great opportunity to combine the two. It turned out to be a great fit! I am halfway though the modules and have seen a significant improvement in my German language skills. Not to mention I have learned practical information about living in Germany. I recommend this program to dedicated students who enjoy broadening their horizons!

Hannah Porter: Study Bridge Alumna

I graduated from the Study Bridge in 2019 and am now studying at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).

I started studying biology in the fall of 2019 and am now in my 4th semester. I'm living fairly close to the Bochum inner city, which is a wonderful location for students with many eating opportunities, bars, and parks nearby where I'm able to hang out with my friends.

My studies are also incredibly interesting. I started immediately with lab work and didn't have to take general education courses in English or History, which is unimaginable in the United States. Every day I notice how the Study Bridge has prepared me for studying at a German university. By the time I finished the program, my German was more than good enough to keep up with lectures and hang out with other students during breaks. The intercultural training offered by the Study Bridge provided me with a deeper understanding of German culture.

Despite COVID-19 and difficult phases of my studies, I am living my dream of studying in Germany thanks to the Study Bridge!