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Train as a German Educational Multiplier (GEM)

GEMs (German Educational Multipliers) are part of a new Network of Excellence established by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and Goethe-Institut. Offered nationwide, it was launched in August 2021.

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teacher group
  • Professional Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Networking

Who are the GEMs?

  • college/university educators and German teachers selected and trained by AATG and Goethe-Institut
  • support schools and universities with German programs in their region
  • are point of contact for AATG, Goethe-Institut and other intermediary institutions
  • offer training in their region and across the U.S.

Why GEMs?

  • long-term, comprehensive and sustainable development of a network of highly trained multipliers
  • promotion of high-quality teaching and instruction at schools and universities
  • enthusiasm for German as a foreign language
  • point of contact for German at schools and universities in the U.S.
  • strengthening the transatlantic relationship

Becoming a GEM


Jasmin Root-Joswig Jasmin Root-Joswig Jasmin Root-Joswig
Project Lead GEM, Excellence Network, AATG and Goethe-Institut USA