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Name That Tune

Do you know your Beethoven? We asked musicians young and old to share a short clip of their favorite Beethoven piece. How many can you identify?

Let us know how you did and send your answers to us

Beethoven Orange© Maxim Abramov / Unsplash
Hilda Huang ©Huang

Hilda Huang, piano

Bastien Rieser ©Rieser

Bastien Rieser, Jazz Trumpet

New England Conservatory Preparatory
Piano Students

Ellen Foreman © NEC Prep

Ellen Foreman

Anushka Bhat © NEC Prep

Anushka Bhat

Ellie Grimes © NEC Prep

Ellie Grimes

Grace Zhuo © NEC Prep

Grace Zhuo

Kingsley Chen © NEC Prep

Kingsley Chen

Lina Abdulpatakhova © NEC Prep

Lina Abdulpatakhova

M. Pires © NEC Prep

M. Pires

Nicole Hu © NEC Prep

Nicole Hu

Reetom Gangopadhyay © NEC Prep

Reetom Gangopadhyay

TZ Snail © NEC Prep

TZ Snail

William Yoon © NEC Prep

William Yoon

Boston Symphony Orchestra members

Tom Siders ©Siders

Tom Siders, trumpet

Tim Genis ©Genis

Tim Genis, timpani

Cathy Basrak ©Basrak

Cathy Basrak, viola

Elizabeth Rowe ©Rowe

Elizabeth Rowe, flute

Lucia Lin ©Lin

Lucia Lin, violin

Michael Winter, horn ©Winter

Michael Winter, horn

Victor Romunal ©Romunal

Victor Romunal, violin

Elizabeth Ostling ©Ostling

Elizabeth Ostling, flute

James Sommerville ©Sommerville

James Sommerville, horn

Julianne Lee, violin ©Lee

Julianne Lee, violin

Ben Wright ©Wright

Ben Wright, trumpet