Yoga Class Yin Yoga

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In western cultures, yoga’s health benefits are commonsense – along with having been practiced for thousands of years, scientific studies show how yoga helps with stress, anxiety, flexibility, and the immune system. But the mainstream idea of yoga is often divorced from its roots, focusing largely on yoga as a physical exercise method. Moreover, yoga has morphed into an industry that often highlights competitive and normative ideas of the body – far from the spiritual and meditative nature of traditional yoga practices.

This series of yoga classes, taught by yoga instructor Katrin Elia, will highlight four different styles of yoga practices with a shared focus on healing. By including breathing exercises (pranayama), restorative poses, and different types of movement, these classes will help participants to find joy in movement, balance in body and mind, and peace in one’s self.

Please bring a yoga mat or a large towel for each session. Other props like blocks and straps can be helpful but are not required.

Yin Yoga

Yin can be translated as passive. This yoga practice is a more quiet practice that helps with gaining flexibility on the physical side. Yin yoga style has a very meditative and calming aspect. Most yin yoga poses are practiced on the floor with long holds to stress and stretch certain connected tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc.)

Recommended Yoga props for this class: yoga mat, two same size yoga blocks, a yoga strap, two blankets (alternatives are ok). All levels class. 

This class will be held online on Zoom - please RSVP to attend.

Katrin Elia was born in Germany and opened her yoga and ayurveda studio Katrin Elia Yoga in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania in 2013. A former dancer, she is certified in vinyasa, yin yoga, and hormone yoga therapy. She has completed various yoga teacher trainings, including anatomy yin, and restorative, and is a certified ​Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.