Performance Inside/Outside/Inside: It’s Public, Dammit!

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Inside/Outside/Inside (I/O/I) is a 30-minute virtual walking tour powered by the magic of screensharing. Each month, a new group of tour guides are given a prompt — Which buildings need to be destroyed, or created? Or, where would you install an outdoor shower? Our tour guides then take our Zoom audience on a five-minute tour via Street View, Bing Maps, and tab hopping.

For the next edition of Inside/Outside/Inside, our virtual tour guides will take us to so-called private spaces (or public-private, private-private-public, or whatever useless jargon McKinsey uses these days). They’ll walk us through how we can reimagine them as what they are — places for the people.

This event will take place online over Zoom - please RSVP to participate.

Confirmed Tour Guides:

Luz Cruz is a Queer Anarchist Afro Latinx farmer, organizer and writer from the Puerto Rican Diaspora that lives in New York City. They are fighting to protect front line communities who are affected by food injustice and climate change. They have organized with inter-generational BIPOC Queer and Trans folks around gender, race and food, including with the Cuir Kitchen Brigade. Luz organizes in a way that combines writing, food and activism to better understand our current conditions and develop ways to help fix them. They believe in the liberation of Boriken and of all peoples from their oppressors.

Annette Koh teaches urban planning at Cal Poly Pomona. She co-organized the first and second Decolonizing Cities symposia at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. She authored the chapters "Decolonial Planning in North America" and "Placemaking When Black Lives Matter" in the 2020 book Transformative Planning: Radical Alternatives to Neoliberal Urbanism.

Christina Seo she/her, @Meowseoworks on Instagram, is an artist and writer currently in Chicago, Illinois. Graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFAW, she currently works at Bubbly Dynamics, a sustainable urban industrial development located within the project called The Plant in Chicago. Seo's current project is to write and illustrate an open-source community guide which would be available for people to access, in order to understand how projects completed at Bubbly Dynamics work and how they are built. The efforts of her writing will be to support Bubbly Dynamic's mission "to create replicable models for ecologically responsible and sustainable urban industrial development(s)". 

Melanie Kruvelis and Zoe Stahl are the co-curators of Inside/Outside/Inside and co-creators of Leave a Message After the Tone, a short-form podcast that NPR named as one of its favorite podcasts. Melanie likes bagels, and Zoe doesn’t.