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Heritage space

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Heritage space

Vietnam Art Archive Initiative (ViAA) is a non-profit and long-term initiative of Heritage Space with the desire to create an archive of contemporary art practices in Vietnam since the 1990s. ViAA will be operated as an online infrastructural platform in the form of a website / blog connecting popular social networks, in order to not only provide information, instructions and references in a systematic way, but also become the foundation for Heritage Space's future major activities on cyberspace, especially under the unpredictable situation caused by COVID-19.

ViAA is a large-scale project which will be carried out for many years, through several stages. The first phase of project has been operated in 2020 with the mission to develop the web platform and collect data of 20 prominent Vietnamese artists. The second phase of 2021 has the goal of maintaining the website, develop new category collection called ‘Art Project’ and continue collecting data of 30 artists to reach the number of 50 artists in the archive. It will continue developing the strategic programs that was postponed last year caused by COVID-19.

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