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Vietnamese experts
Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha

Director of The Center for Nature Conservation and Development

Nguyen Manh Ha© Nguyen Manh Ha

Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha

He is a well-known biologist in Vietnam and Indochina region on protected area and wildlife conservation, he also has extensive experiences in counter wildlife conservation and combatting wildlife crimes in the region. For the last 20 years Nguyen Manh Ha has been involved in the planning and management of Vietnam’s protected areas, community engagement and sustainable development. He has been involved in the development of Vietnam key laws on biodiversity and forestry. This includes the Forest protection and Development law (2003), Biodiversity law (2008), Forestry law (2017), Fishery law (2017). In last 5 years he has supported Government of Vietnam, Justice Sector, Enforcement Bodies and NGOs to improve natural resources governance, biodiversity conservation, protected areas management especially counter wildlife and forest crimes. Besides, he also actively participates in graduate program of the National University, Hanoi as a lecturer in biodiversity and protected area management, community based tourism and supervisor for graduate students.