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Vietnamese experts
Tran Huu Vy

Director of Green Viet

Tran Huu Vy© Tran Huu Vy

Tran Huu Vy

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environment; and master’s degree in ecology from Da Nang University. He has had 15 years of experience in the field of biodiversity conservation in the Central & Highlands regions of Vietnam. He used to be the Field Team Leader of the Gray-shanked Douc langur conservation project in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai within the Primate Conservation Project of the Zoological Society of Frankfurt (Germany) (2006-2011) and the Founder of the Hand-in-Hand charity group and the club for the nature and environment lovers in Da Nang. In 2012, he founded Green Viet. He actively advocates for policies and laws in biodiversity conservation, e.g. conservation policy of gray-shanked douc langur in Tam My Tay commune, Quang Nam province; protecting the habitat of brown-shanked douc langur in Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang etc. He is also a member of the Climate Change Network (CCN) in the Central of Vietnam.