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Abnormal Conceptz was founded in 2018 and consists of nine members with diverse styles and thinking but sharing one passion for Hip Hop and wish to contribute to the development and integration to the world of the Vietnamese Hip Hop community. The two members joining the performance are: Nguyễn Đỗ Quốc Khanh (First prizes in Dance Y' All 2.0, Wassup Sister Showcase, 21th First Countdown...), Trần Minh Quang (First prize summer hip-hop vibe; Second prize bull dog on fire 2vs2 …).
Abnormal conceptz

Bread n 'Tea is a research group and provider of interactive technology solutions and applied AR technology. The target of their solutions are brand activation technology activities, applied in online and offline events of individuals and commercial brands. Bread n' Tea is proud to be one of Viet Nam's leading agencies in this field, and remains committed to effective collaborations with our clients in seeking the most creative solution to connect the brand with target customers.
Natural Habitat | 07.12.2020

Bui Ha Mien © Bui Ha Mien
In 1992, she was accepted to study at the Hanoi National Conservatory (now the National Academy of Music of Vietnam). In 2017, she was awarded a scholarship to study abroad at the International Summer Music Academy in Austria. Other music festivals and tours she has participated in include Concert Tour in France (2007), Beethoven Festival in Bonn, Germany (2009), Concert Tour in America (2010), Asia Orchestra Week in Japan (2012) and China-ASEAN Music Week in China (2015, 2016). Bui Ha Mien is currently a cello instructor at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and is a member of several chamber music groups including Trio Hanoi and Apaixonado String Quartet.
Paradigm | 14.12.2020

Crazy Monkey © Lê Thanh Tùng
Le Thanh Tung (a.k.a CRAZY MONKEY) is a visual artist bases in Ho Chi Minh City.
Experimenting with Illustration, Vjing, and Audio Visual Installation, Crazy Monkey turns his imagination into playful, ironic, and surreal elements with unique style in his work. Crazy Monkey has also contributed numerous installations and street art projects across Southeast Asia and Europe . He also performed live video and Interactive Visual in forms of VJing (Visual Jockey) and founded BOX ( a.k.a The Box Collective ) a Creative Visual Studio.

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Lotus - 12.10.2020
Crazy Monkey
Trò chuyện cùng nghệ sỹ: Video nghệ thuật trong không gian đô thị

Do Hoang Thi Ngoc © Do Hoang Thi Ngoc
Founder and artistic director of Kinergie Studio
Do Hoang Thi Ngoc studied at the Vietnam Dance College, was solo dancer of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. He worked with the renowned French choreographer Régine Chopinot and the dance company Ballet Atlantique Company. Between 2000 and 2006 he studied contemporary dance in France. This experience shaped his improvisational and natural dance style. With two friends he founded the dance group +84, which gained great recognition in Vietnam. He is currently the artistic director of the Kinergie Studio as well as visiting professor of ballet and contemporary dance at the Military University of Culture and Art.

L’EGO | 30.11.2020

As a performing artist, Đoàn Thanh Toàn (he him/they them) finds dance at the convergence of community, justice, and feminist queer world-making. All bodies carry histories, intersectional identities, and potential – Toan's works acknowledge and empower the arrays that the dancing bodies lie on. While focusing on politicized realities, Toan also seeks values in the nature of movements and emotional exchange between the choreographer, dancers, and audience. Toan was trained in Contemporary Indian dance with Ananya Dance Theater, and African-based movement with Brown Spirit Ensemble led by choreographer Patricia Brown. Born and raised in Quang Ngai, Toan is currently based Ho Chi Minh city. Here, they have performed at MoT+++, San Art, and A. Farm in solo performances as well as collaborative projects with other incredible sound, performance, and visual artists.
In addition to performance, Toan also facilitates workshops that foster communal connection through movement and dance. They hope to engage with queer feminist communities in Vietnam through activism and the arts. Toan also works as a project coordinator, facilitator, interpreter, and writer..
The you | 02.11.2020 Doan Thanh Toan

Do Huong Tra My © Do Huong Tra My
Do Huong Tra My (*1990) completed Bachelor degree at Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014 and her Master degree at National University of Music Bucharest in 2018.
She attended Chamber music group, Orchestra training courses, viola performing masterclasses in Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Romania, Spain, Thailand,PR China and USA. She has played for the prestigious orchestras in Vietnam including Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra, Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Sun Symphony Orchestra and in Romania for the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian Radio National Orchestra.
2018, she returned to Vietnam and started teaching viola at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Since 2019 she has been a member of Sun Symphony Orchestra.

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Thư tình yêu - 03.08.2020

Artists from G to M

Ha Thuy Hang
© Ha Thuy Hang
Ha Thuy Hang graduated with a degree in Musicology from Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014. During her studies and work, she has performed in Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Malta, South Korea, etc. and received numerous national and international awards.She has composed and performed for various contemporary music programs such as Hanoi New Music Festival; Music from Shy & Sophisticated Souls; Discordant; Seoul Experimental Music, Frontière indécise; and Electronic music Berlin – Hanoi. In 2019, Hang was selected for VCCA’s Young Artists Incubation Program, during which she presented an interactive video/ audio installation called “Lingering Sensations” – inspired by the slow, sophisticated vibes in traditional music.
Little peanut and the sneeze theory | 09.11.2020

Hoang Lan Huong © Hoang Lan Huong
​"Keeping an individual ego doesn't mean not to open up to good things."

Spaltung - Performance by Baydanc | 21.09.2020

Hoang Trang © Hoang Trang
Hoang Trang (*…) is a younger writer who has participated in several theater projects. She was the author of the screenplay "Luan Kieu" in the theater project "Nàng K“ by the Goethe Institute. Hoang Trang graduated from Hanoi University of Theater and Film. She is a dynamic person who is enthusiastic and capable of art and new experiences is to synthesize and combine the thoughts of colleagues. Trang was always enthusiastic and strived to write specifically for the theater.

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Happy@Home? - 10.08.2020

Hojin Kim © Hojin Kim

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A folksy evenin - 31.08.2020

Ho Thi Ngoc Ha © Ho Thi Ngoc Ha
Ho Thi Ngoc Ha graduated bachelor of music in performance Piano at the Military University of Culture & Arts and became a lecturer at this university..
She was honored to receive a full scholarship from Vietnam to Romania for Master. Ngoc Ha studied Piano Performance with Professor Veronica Gaspar and chamber music with Professor Serban Nichifor at the National University of Music Bucharest and graduated with a Master's degree in Piano performance in September 2019.
Ngoc Ha had performed in many concerts, such as: Festival coral international in Pitesti in 2017 & 2018; Festival of arts season " The prologue of the festival" in Câmpina; Concert chamber music - organized by professor Serban Nichifor; Concert "Romanian culture through the eyes of foreign students" - organized by professor Veronica Gaspar. She was honored to receive the Ambassador's invitation, performing a piano recital for the New Year's concert at the Belgian Embassy. She also performed at the concert dedicated to the 71th anniversary of the state of Isarel on 19th May, 2019 and concert The Night of Gratitude on 30th May, 2019.
Currently, she's collaborating with Military University of Culture & Arts as a piano lecturer.

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Thư tình yêu - 03.08.2020

Huệ Ninh © Hue Ninh
Hue Ninh (*1982, Ha Long) studied scriptwriting at the Hanoi University for Theater and Cinema. She is a member of the Vietnam Film Association. Hue Ninh writes literature and scripts for theater and drama series. She won the Kite Award of the Motion Picture Association for her critical [EW1] research work. She is currently a freelance writer and postgraduate student at the Hanoi University of Culture.

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Happy@Home - 10.08.2020

Huong DonNa is lecturer in the Department of Musical Instruments at the National College of Art Education. Graduated from Music Education at National University of Art Education in 2013, jazz major at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014 and master degree in Cultural Management at the National University of Art Education in 2016. In 2012, she achieved outstanding achievements in scientific research at National University of Art Education. In addition, she also studied courses at DomDom - The Hub For Experimental Music & Art, guided by artists Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö and Trần Kim Ngọc.

During her artistic practice, she always tested the combination of objects in an extremely realistic way, combined traditional instruments with electronic divisions to tell her story.
Bougainvillea - A Fairy Tale | 05.10.2020

Ian Richter macht und produziert elektronische Musik und ist Musiktherapeut einer Reihe von künstlerischen Persönlichkeiten.

Er hat in Südafrika und dem Nahen Osten gelebt, zwei Weltregionen, die ihm kulturell vertraut sind aber die von Konflikten stark betroffenen sind. Er wuchs in der verschlafenen Surferstadt Durban auf und nahm eifrig die klanglichen Einflüsse auf, die ihm westliche wie auch afrikanische Musik boten.

Seit seiner Übersiedelung nach Israel konnte er sich mit einer aktiveren alternativen Musikszene verbinden. Tel Aviv erwies sich als fruchtbarer Boden. Die Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Künstlern in der lokalen Szene bot ihm, Erfahrungen als Live-Performer zu sammeln. Heute jongliert Richter mit einer Reihe von Klangprojekten, tritt in Clubs auf, komponiert Musik für zeitgenössischen Tanz, entwirft Ton für Film und bildende Kunst und produziert aufgenommene Stücke aus verschiedenen Genres.
The you | 02.11.2020

INSPIRITO SCHOOL OF MUSIC is run by a supreme team of pedagogues and musicians such as: Luu Duc Anh, Phan Do Phuc, Nguyen Phu Son, Hoang Ho Thu, Nguyen Quynh Trang. The school aims to build a professional environment for education and performing arts with various studying programs including chamber music, orchestral conducting, ancient music. It offers masterclasses, workshops, concerts, recordings. Within short time students of Inspirito have achieved excellence and even prizes at national and international music competitions. Inspirito teachers and assistants participate in various concerts in Vietnam or on the international podiums as soloists, in chamber ensemble or as orchestra members.

Evolution – Voyage through four centeries of music | 15. - 16.11.2020

Jo is a Saigonese visual artist whose work is associated with moving images, virtual reality, augmented reality, new media and conceptual art. She also leads the “A Space Virtual” project. With the media and design background, she aims to reach more audiences in a stronger narrative form about social justice and sustainability matters with high-tech support and advocate for the creative community to go beyond the traditional mediums.
The you | 02.11.2020

Dự án sân khấu “Happy@Home? - 10.08.2020
Bá Anh
Bá Anh | © Bá Anh
Hoa Thúy
Hoa Thúy | © Hoa Thúy
Hoàng Trang
Hoàng Trang | © Hoàng Trang
Huyền Trang
Huyền Trang | © Huyền Trang
Ngọc Ánh
Ngọc Ánh | © Ngọc Ánh
Nguyệt Hằng
Nguyệt Hằng | © Nguyệt Hằng
Thanh Tú
Thanh Tú | © Thanh Tú
Tú Oanh
Tú Oanh | © Tú Oanh
Hương Thủy
Hương Thủy | © Hương Thủy
Thanh Dương
Thanh Dương | © Thanh Dương

Kim is an independent dancer based in Ho Chi Minh City, and former leader of group La Différence. His dance practice is the combination of Hip-Hop/Popping and other styles. He has worked in projects: Dance with Words & Music at “Orphean Hymn”, Hanoi New Music Festival 2018, Planet Warming Up (performing with Good Morning Vietnam, Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019, Tremplin Contest, 2019; [UNDERWATER] x [TKG],  SUNRISE EXHIBITION 2019, “Jờ-Joajcx” with Alec Schacner & Duy Rua, Heritage Space,2019; “METHOD” H2Q Art, 2019.
L’EGO | 30.11.2020 La Différence

It was founded by the two dancer-choreographers Do Hoang Thi Ngoc and Tran Hoang Long. Kinergie Studio offers courses, workshops, and performances for contemporary dance and ballet, and participates in co-productions between Vietnamese and international artists. It is not only a school for the performing arts of dance, but also a place of support for young artists with creative and courageous projects and artistic visions.
Since its inception in 2014, the Kinergie Studio has created unique contemporary dance productions that not only reach lovers of contemporary dance and ballet but also contribute to the development of contemporary art in Vietnam.
L’EGO | 30.11.2020

Le Tran Thao Nhi © Le Tran Thao Nhi
"In contemporary dance I always value freedom, authenticity and the artist's identity."

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Spaltung - Performance von Baydanc | 21.09.2020

Linh An is the Co-founder of Theater Dance Vietnam, she was trained in Theatre/Broadway Jazz at New York’s Broadway Dance Center, and in Street dance, Tap, and Ballet. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer in various projects: “Swanning Around” by the English National Ballet at the Royal Albert Halls & Shanghai World Expo 2010; New York choreography forum 2019; “Table of Silence” in memorial of the 9/11 in Lincoln Center, New York, 2019; “Les Miserables” by the Vietnam National Opera & Ballet, 2020.
L’EGO | 30.11.2020

Linh Valerie Pham © Linh Valerie Pham
Linh Valerie Pham ist Theater- und Puppenspielerin. Sie hat das Mat Tran Ensemble gegründet und ist seine Leiterin. Linh Valerie Pham beschäftigt sich mit Bewegung, Spiel, Atem, gutem und hässlichem Sprechen und alles was magisch ist. Sie erzählt Geschichten so, dass das, was als normal und ordentlich gilt, in Frage gestellt und aus dem Lot gebracht wird.
Das Mat Tran Ensemble legt einen Schwerpunkt auf integrative und sozial engagierte Praktiken. Es war schon in verschiedenen Kunstzentren Hanois und Saigons zu sehen und in New York im Brick Theatre, CPR-Center und und „Here Arts Center“.
Linh Valerie Pham war Residenzkünstlerin in Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia) und 2019 Fellow of Arts for Good Singapore.
Little peanut and the sneeze theory | 09.11.2020

MAESTOSO is the leading independent classical concert organization in Hanoi with an impressive history of concerts at Hanoi Opera House, Vietnam National Academy of Music, and concert series held in St.Joseph Cathedral, and Cua Bac Church. Notable founders and guest artists are Luu Duc Anh, Nguyen Phu Son, Nguyen Duc Anh, Luu Hong Quang, Phan Do Phuc, Nguyen Thien Minh.
Evolution – Voyage through four centeries of music | 15. - 16.11.2020

Maik Cay © Maik Cay
Maik Cây is a writer and an independent film-maker. She is currently working at an international NGO in Hanoi.
In 2015, Maik Cây’s short film ‘As I lay dying’ was one of two Vietnamese films selected to be screened at the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany and Singapore International Film Festival.
In 2018, Maik Cây published the novella ‘Wittgenstein of black paradise’. This book was the first runner-up in the ‘National Writing Competition 2018 for Young Writers’, organised by Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association in co-operation with Tre Publishing House and Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

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Happy@Home? - 10.08.2020

Artists from N to S

Ngầm © Ngầm
Ngầm is a four-member electronic/dream pop /e-pop band based in Hanoi. Founded in 2018 by three members: Đỗ Nguyễn Hoàng Vũ (synthesizers, synth bass, guitars, producing), Hà Đăng Tùng (synthesizers, guitars, ambient texture, producing) and Hồ Trâm Anh (vocalist, keyboardist, synthesizers), Ngầm represents a joint effort to forge ahead novel soundscapes, reflecting the members’ interests in electronic, ambient and heavily synth-based music, with chord-shifting compositions. In mid-2020, the band recruited Cao Lê Hoàng as the drummer/percussionist, and recently played at various live concerts at Hanoi Rock City and other venues.
Natural Habitat | 07.12.2020

Ngo Thu Huong © Ngo Thu Huong
Ngô Thu Hương is living and working in Hanoi. She graduated with Bachelor from Fine Arts LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016. She experiments with various materials ranging from oil paintings, ceramics to video. Her works capture the process of identity transformation within different contexts.

Her works have been exhibited at exhibitions: Event Horizon, Hanoi, Vietnam (2019); Don't Stand | The Future of Tradition’s open studio, Hanoi. Vietnam (2019); Art Moves, TCC Cafes x LASALLE, Singapore (2017); The LASALLE Show, Praxis Space, Singapore (2016). She is also recognized as one of the significant artists of 2019 with the Audience's Choice Award organized by Hanoi Grapevine.

Paradigm | 14.12.2020

Nguyen Duy Thanh (Thanh Buddha) © Nguyen Duy Thanh
Thanh Buddha has been a choreographer, performer and dancer for more than 16 years. Thành is one of the first artists in Vietnam to combine hip hop with contemporary and traditional Asian dance languages to create a distinctive style. Nguyen Duy Thanh collaborated with choreographers Tran Ly Ly and Arco Renz. From the end of 2018 to 2019 he played in the installation theater "Everything that Happened and Would Happen" by the world-famous German composer and director Heiner Goebbels in London, New York and Bochum (Germany).
Bougainvillea - A Fairy Tale | 05.10.2020

Nguyễn Mỹ Hương © Nguyễn Mỹ Hương

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Hòa nhạc “A folksy evening” - 31.08.2020

Nguyễn Mỹ Linh © Nguyễn Mỹ Linh

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Happy@Home? - 10.08.2020

Nguyen Ngoc Duc © Nguyen Ngoc Duc
Nguyễn Ngọc Đức graduated from the Academy of Music Vietnam in 1984. He is one of the leading violinists in the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra.
Paradigm | 14.12.2020

"I stick to traditional instruments in order to preserve folk culture and to connect folk music with contemporary art through improvised compositions."
Spaltung - Performance by Baydanc | 21.09.2020

Nguyen Trieu Duong graduated in Musical Theatres at Sheffield Hallam University. He gained the B.A (Hons.) in Drama, Applied Theatre and Performances at The University of East London. The artist is working in both Vietnam and the United Kingdom in multiple roles as director, scriptwriter and actor.
Theater credit:
Julius Caesar, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the musical, Cats the musical, A Dream (A modern day smash-up of Shakespearean romance, Pitch and Cologne, Struck Dead, Result, Three little Pigs the musical
Film credit:
From me to you, Strike

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Bóng đè – B.A.R.E - 14.09.2020

Dated back from 2015, The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy brings a unique, interactive comedy experience to the theatrical life of Hanoi. Using their improvisational skills, The Rotten Grapes team instantly turns random suggestions given on the spot into hilarious scenes and feeds the audience with laughter.

Without any scripts, props or even costumes, The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy captures viewers’ hearts with their unpredictable created-on-scene acts and a great level of energy. They have made a name for themselves. Since its inception, The Rotten Grapes have  been organizeding more than 100 weekend gigs as well as 20 iImprov courses The group now countshas more than 30 members with different backgrounds and nationalities including Vietnamese, South African, British, American, Chinese, Japanese…

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Đêm hài kịch “Monday get together” - 13.07.2020

Patcharaphan Khumprakob © Patcharaphan Khumprakob

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Hòa nhạc “A folksy evening” - 31.08.2020

Phan Đỗ Phúc © Phan Đỗ Phúc

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Hòa nhạc “A folksy evening” - 31.08.2020

Si Tien Ảnh: Sĩ Tiến
Nguyen Si Tien (1968) trained and started his acting career at Youth Theater in 1990. He graduated from the Faculty of Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema in 2004. Since then he has been staging drama and comedy for the Young and Old at the Youth Theater of Hanoi. He brought pieces on to the stage by Alexander Vampilov (Russia), Arthur Miller (USA) Maurice Materlinck (Belgium). Mr Si Tien has gathered international experience through guest performances in Japan, Korea, PR China. He received numerous national awards for his artistic work, for example recently Gold medal in the Capital Theater Festival 2016 and Gold Medal in the National Drama Theater Festival in Ho Chi Minh City 2018.

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Happy@Home? - 10.08.2020

Artists from T to Z

Tri Minh © Tri Minh
Tri Minh is a composer, pianist, electronic musician, DJ instructor, music producer and festival director.
He began his career as a performing artist in the early 1990s and has been experimenting with electronic music both as a soloist and in collaborations with international performing artists in Vietnam and Europe since the late 1990s.
In the mid and late 2000s, Tri Minh started sampling his own recordings and sounds, mixing in and performing with various constellations of traditional and later also classical Vietnamese artists. In recent years, Tri Minh has also been composing for documentary and short films.       

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Lotus - 12.10.2020 | 23.11.2020

Undecided Productions leads the logistics and curation of the event, we are a not-for-profit art productions organization, based in Europe and Hanoi and specialising in cultural exchange projects supporting contemporary artists.

Since partially relocating to Hanoi, Undecided has facilitated conversations with local, international and interregional artists and organisations in the form of events, residencies and assistance in production. We prioritise initiatives that are socially engaged and sensitive, with a long-term focus, particularly if they are conceived by young, emerging artists. As managers we support artists' needs and create connections between wonderful, like-minded humans.
The you | 02.11.2020