Autor: Khue Pham
Brothers and Ghosts

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Publisher: ‎btb Verlag
‎304 pages
ISBN: 978-3-4427-5802-9

"Brothers and Ghosts" is a story about a German-Vietnamese family. The main character of the story is Kieu from Berlin, whose parents had left Vietnam in 1968 to live in Germany. Kieu calls herself Kim because that's easier for her friends in Berlin and because she would like to be German and not only adapt to become German. On the occasion of a visit to her relatives in the US, Kim explores new aspects of her family and her life. She rediscovers her identity, her roots and finds answers to the question of where she comes from.

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Khue Pham (*1982, Berlin) - Author

Khue Pham © Photo: © Alena Schmick Khue Pham Photo: © Alena Schmick
Khuê Phạm is a daughter of Vietnamese immigrants. She studied communication and sociology in London and worked as a journalist for various media in Englisch-speaking countries. Since 2010, she has been working for the famous weekly DIE ZEIT. “Brothers and Ghosts” is her debut novel. It made her one of the most important voices of the Vietnamese diaspora in Germany.

Xuan Hang Nguyen (*1982, Ha Tay) - Translator

Nguyen Xuan Hang © © Private Nguyen Xuan Hang © Private
Xuan Hang Nguyen studied German as foreign language, sociology and didactics of work teaching in Hanoi and at the University of Augsburg and graduated with an MA. She now works as a lecturer for Vietnamese language at the Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn and at the Federal Language Office. She has done literary translations for the Goethe-Institut: 1) "My Vietnam. Stories. From the Vietnam", mitteldeutscher verlag 2020) and 2) "Ferdinand von Schirach: Terror. A play" (to be published by ZZZReview).

An excerpt of the novel will be published by ZZZ review

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