Conference Libraries in the Digital Age. Innovative Services and the Transformation of Space

Libraries in the Digital Age © Hannelore Vogt

Tue, 24.05.2016 -
Wed, 25.05.2016

Lecture by Dr. Hannelore Vogt, director of Cologne Public Library.

Under the motto “learning, exploring, being creative!” Dr. Hannelore Vogt, director of the Cologne Public Library (awarded ‘Library of the Year’ in Germany 2015), speaks about new trends and the future role of libraries in the digital society.

As the digital world becomes more and more a part of everyone’s daily lives, it is critical for libraries to think about their future role. Nowadays people don’t want to be recipients only, they want to be active and to share their knowledge and their ideas. The presentation focuses on best practice most vital to the success of public libraries. This implies a transformation of the library space and the services as well – the library as a makerspace and a community hub, a space to meet, to share, to learn and to be creative. Topics like the formation of community partnerships, advocacy, change and innovation management and tailor-made innovative programs will be on the agenda.

Hannelore Vogt is a key note speaker of the National congress of libraries in Vietnam, in Da Nang. Besides her lecture, the Goethe-Institut presents the exhibition “Reading the City”, about innovative libraries in Germany.
Dr. Hannelore Vogt

Hannelore Vogt © Hannelore Vogt is the director of the Cologne Public Library in Cologne, Germany, since 2008, one of the biggest library systems in Germany. Before that she was head of the Würzburg City Library which has been the winner in the national library ranking (BIX) four times in row and was awarded „Library of the Year“. 2015 Cologne Public Library was elected “Library of the Year” as best library in Germany.

She is a member of the IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Standing Committee, a longtime chair of the Advisory Board “Information and Library” of the Goethe Institute and worked as a Strategic Advisor and Reviewer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Global Libraries, Global Development). Apart from having a degree in Librarianship, she also has a PhD in Cultural Management in the field of library marketing.

She is a consultant for library management worldwide and has many publications to her credit in the field of customer orientation, innovative services and library management.