Book launching The Woman on the Stairs by Bernhard Schlink

Die Frau auf der Treppe © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Mon, 08.05.2017

18 Uhr

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Goethe-Institut introduces the new novel from Bernhard Schlink, The Woman on the Stairs, a good light read.

In a Sydney Gallery, a man has a chance encounter with a painting of the girl who vanished from his life in a spectacular manner after he had given up everything in his life for her. Then, one by one, those involved in the love-quadruple of yesteryear shows up as if they have emerged from the dark backstage and now are ready for the play: a world famous painter, a financier, and a lawyer reconvene with the woman in the picture in an Australia bay, yearning to reclaim what they thought rightfully belonged to them. For a sought-after artwork that every museum in the world desires, for the mysterious Irene, for those who have reached the autumn of their life, however, life is not that simple and fate can be cruel.
The novel is translated into Vietnamese by Le Quang.