Livestream concert United We Stream Asia X Savage streaming together from Hanoi | Vietnam

United We Stream Asia X Savage © We Stream Asia

Tue, 30.06.2020

Savage Club Hanoi

Dang Thai Mai Str. 1 lane 9, Tay Ho

With DJs: ZWI, Trinhnu, Di Linh and Viet Anh

United We Stream is a non-profit streaming initiative started by Berlin clubs with the goal to raise funds for charity and to support music venues and individuals affected by Covid-19 related closures. Having quickly expanded as far as the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Austria and beyond. Now banding together multiple countries and cities across Asia, launching the biggest club online on the continent.
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About artist

ZWI © ZWI Discovering love for electronic music whilst in the UK, Zwi is an avid digger influenced by sounds of old school tech house, breakbeat, garage and techno. Expect a blend of dark and groovy.

TrinhNu © Trinh Nu TrinhNu (Virgin Girl) is Hanoi*s most distinctive non hetero virgin meat. He starred at one of Hanoi*s original LGBTQ parties, Queer Disco with friend and drag queen NiXinh at CAMA atk (RIP). His music revolves around Italo Disco, Peak Time Rave, 90s House and modern Ballroom music.
His sassy attitude defines his musical taste and his flamboyance will set your pants on fire. A regular fixture at Savage Hanoi, Studio Adventure, Kobala and recently played The Observatory in Saigon shows the promise of an exiting selector and a new spirit in queer town.

Check out his recent feature mix on Honey Soundsystem, PotCast and pull yourself together to see him live (then consult your doctor).

Resident Advisor
Di Linh
DI LINH © DI LINH Di Linh is a new rising star in the Hanoi DJ landscape, the latest addition to a dynamic scene that keeps growing & developing. Started the music path with all passion, she has been making her mark for almost a year in Vietnam by her diverse and colorful music selection. Till this day, Di Linh has performed in very familiar places such as Smack Dab, Kobala, Savage, B4, Bamboo, Birdcage, The Docks, GUFO, 88 Lounge ... and RECESS, Duality Festival. Each space gives her different inspirations and Di Linh knows how to lead the audiences' emotions into her own story, then leave a strong impression after each set through a variety of sounds such as Italo Disco, Synthwave và Techno.


Viet Anh
VIET ANH © VIET ANH Born and raised in the 90’s, his musical education started from a young age. Always searching for new rhythms and adding to his eclectic collection of sounds A resident at Studio Adventure but also in popular clubs / bars in Hanoi.