Theater performance B.A.R.E by Nguyen Trieu Duong


Mon, 14.09.2020, 8 pm.

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

An autobiographical performance by LGBTQ+ artist Nguyen Trieu Duong

A mobile phone and himself...discovering the gay world...
B.A.R.E is an autobiographical performance by Nguyen Trieu Duong about the loneliness and isolation of LGBTQ+ person in his own community.
After six years living in the UK, he has new experiences about life in the LGBTQ community, where identity is judged based on factors such as race, muscularity and luxury in their personal environment. This is what motivates the artist to create his first autobiographical performance B.A.R.E.
"Every moment, every minute, I find ways to escape from the loneliness and isolation in my own community ... And so far, the only way to integrate is using the technology on the mobile phone... "
- Nguyen Trieu Duong –
Technology and dating apps are an option to alleviate loneliness, but is it a solution to happiness? Before opening up to others, shouldn’t we open up to ourselves?
Nguyen Trieu Duong graduated in Musical Theatres at Sheffield Hallam University. He gained the B.A (Hons.) in Drama, Applied Theatre and Performances at The University of East London. The artist is working in both Vietnam and the United Kingdom in multiple roles as director, scriptwriter and actor.
Theater credit:
Julius Caesar, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the musical, Cats the musical, A Dream (A modern day smash-up of Shakespearean romance, Pitch and Cologne, Struck Dead, Result, Three little Pigs the musical
Film credit:
From me to you, Strike