Podcast Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Love in Translation - Episode 3 Photo: © ICG 2021

Fri, 26.11.2021

8:00 PM

Online Ho Chi Minh City

Snow White, Hansel and Gretel or Sleeping Beauty are fairy tales that are no longer strange to today's readers. They are part of a collection of more than 200 fairy tales collected, compiled, and presented by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as a children's storybook for the first time in 1812. For more than 200 years, Grimm fairy tales have become famous all over the world, translated into almost every language, becoming one of the most popular and meaningful Christmas gifts for children in many countries. Not only are stories captivated by children everywhere, but Grimm's fairy tales are also a treasure trove of valuable materials for other art forms such as theatre, music, and cinema, etc...

The 2020 new special edition will be published with a translation by Nhat Vuong (published by Dinh Ti Books Publishing House) is not to be missed. This book is translated from the German original in 1857, the last print of the Grimm brothers' lives, and illustrated from the 1894 edition by German Post-Romantic painter Hermann Vogel. Nhat Vuong's translation is both faithful to the style of the Grimm brothers in the original version, while bringing the closeness to the poetry and the lyrics of the stories translated into the traditional Vietnamese verse form.

Meet Nhat Vuong in episode 3 of The LIT Show to discover many lesser-known details about Grimm's fairy tales, his hobby of collecting ancient literature, and more.

Episode 03 of the Love In Translation - The LIT Show podcast will air at 8pm on Friday, November 26, 2021 on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Anchor.

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