Goethe-Lab Sprache

Focusing on the future

Goethe-Lab Sprache

As a digital innovation unit, the Goethe-Lab Sprache has a clear mission: to establish the online services of the Goethe-Institut as a top-quality, tailor-made language learning experience. The strategy? Including future-oriented technology and greater flexibility through a modular setup of digital learning options to achieve more client centricity and an optimal fit for each individual learner.

Our focus

  • New Technologies
    The extensive digitalization of society and the rise of new technologies such as Chat-GPT have the potential to radically change language learning in the future. We embrace these developments and aim to integrate new technologies into our language learning products in a way that enhances the learning process of our customers and improves their learning success in the long term. 
  • User centric
    We put users in the center of the development of our products and services. This continuous and early involvement of users ensures tailor-made digital solutions for learning German. 
  • Networking 
    We are convinced that only a close dialogue between research and industry can lead to didactically meaningful language learning products. For this reason, we work closely with leading research institutions in the field of artificial intelligence and German as a foreign language. 


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