Schools abroad

Teacher with students in a classroom © Goethe-Institut, GettyImages

Through our collaborative education services, we uphold the quality standards of language teaching, set up projects to facilitate networking, and broaden international perspectives. We work closely with local partners to meet their needs and update their skills.

Improving German teaching

We oversee around 106,000 schools worldwide, at which young people learn German. This means we maintain an extensive network of education establishments abroad. The network is committed to improving German teaching in the national education systems. We work with local partners to achieve high quality standards in teaching and learning of German as a foreign language. Local influencers establish and spread the knowledge sustainably in the network.

We use events such as competitions and exhibitions to motivate school students to start learning German at an early age. In countries where there is interest, we prepare young people for apprenticeships, degrees and employment in Germany. Initial contacts can result in work placements, and training partnerships are also in demand in this context. Our partners are able to stay close to the cutting edge of innovation and benefit from state-of-the-art knowledge through the use of digital formats.

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