“Climate-Neutral City” Simulation game

Fünf unterschiedlich farbige Arme vor einem weißen Hintergrund, die sich melden, darunter der Text "Planspiel" © Goethe-Institut

Do you teach German at a school? Do you want to get to know an innovative teaching and learning method and have fun at the same time? Are you and your pupils interested in climate change? 
Then join in! Take part in the international internet-based simulation game "Climate Neutral City"!  
The students take on the roles of various interest groups in the fictitious city of Fonta, discuss and negotiate under the leadership of the mayor in their respective national languages, with which measures they can reduce the CO2 emissions of their city by 50% by 2030. After the actual simulation, the students create a three-minute video in German in which they present the measures that the city should implement to the fictitious city parliament. 

“Climate Neutral City” simulation game © Goethe-Institut

Simulation Game 2024

The simulation game will be continued in 2024.

The following Goethe-Institutes are supporting participation in this project:

Goethe-Institut Alexandria, Egypt
Goethe-Institut Chennai, India
Goethe-Institut Dublin, Ireland
Goethe-Institut Peking,
Goethe-Institut Rabat, Morocco
Goethe-Institut Karachi, Pakistan
Goethe-Institut Warschau, Poland
Goethe-Institut Riad, Saudi Arabia
Goethe-Institut Taipeh
Goethe-Institut Tunis, Tunisia


Do you have any questions? 
Please get in touch with the contact persons in the participating countries.

Goethe-Institut Alexandria:
Heba Hambouta und Dina Ibrahim

Goethe-Institut Peking:
Martin Fox und Xin Ying

Goethe-Institut Chennai:
Balajee Venkataraman

Goethe-Institut Dublin:
Cliona Weltecke

Goethe-Institut Rabat:
Anna-Maria Gentili

Goethe-Institut Karachi:
Maha Jafarey

Goethe-Institut Warschau:
Garczynski, Piotr

Goethe-Institut Rabat:
Inge Iqbal 

Goethe-Institut Taipeh:
Timo Kozlowski

Goethe-Institut Tunis:
Amel Said

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