About the Magazine

Goethe.de, an intercultural platform

Every country has its own unique characteristics, history and culture. These characteristics are strongly reflected in our work. The goal of our online activities is not limited to informing you about Germany; we also seek to engage in a dialogue with the people of Australia and to promote genuine encounters through an interactive multimedia platform.

A bilateral online magazine

In our bilateral magazine, we keep you informed about culture and society in Germany and Australia. Our online magazine regularly publishes multimedia content to describe the latest trends in art, film, music, literature and theatre.

Some of our projects are in-depth explorations of a particular theme in both countries, such as our new blog project 'Bicultural Urbanite' in which two Aussie expats write about their life in Berlin. With our “Future Perfect” project, we introduce you to men and women who are committed to a better, more sustainable future.

If you have any ideas, comments or requests, please feel free to send us an e-mail. We always love to hear from our readers!