Young Teachers' Network and Award (YTNA)

Netzwerk für junge Lehrkräfte © Colourbox

The Goethe-Institut has established this network to provide support for prospective and new teachers of German with 0-5 years of experience at the beginning of their careers. The program accommodates the various needs of its members and creates opportunities for personal and digital exchange as well as for networking through:

  • Providing advice in all teaching related matters  
  • Facilitating mentoring by experienced teachers, mainly Professional Learning Facilitators, and visits to other schools
  • Providing the newest teaching and learning materials
  • Enabling cost neutral participation in professional learning in Australia (registration fee, travel and accommodation cost, CRT)
  • Providing fully-paid scholarships to Germany for seminars and language proficiency courses
  • Facilitating participation in local language proficiency courses in Melbourne and Sydney and on Zoom.     
Do you fulfil the criteria and feel like this program is for you? Then register now via the form below to enjoy all the benefits and connect to other (student) teachers.  

In Victoria, this event was supported by the Victorian Government.