Scholarships for Professional Learning Online Courses DLL: Deutsch Lehren Lernen

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Fri, 21.02.2020 -
Fri, 01.05.2020

Application Deadline: 28.03.2020/ 24.04.2020

„Deutsch Lehren Lernen (DLL)“ is an innovative professional learning program of the Goethe-Institut. Offering further training, it  answers fundamental questions regarding the teaching of German as an additional language. The 10-week online courses offer a variety of subjects, and are designed for teachers of German who are looking for professional learning utilising the latest training methods and the newest materials. Applications for DLL 3, DLL 5 and DLL 8 are now open.

School teachers of German in Australia with at least level B2 of German. Test your German here.
DLL 3  German as a Foreign Language
This unit is dedicated to the language itself. What is characteristic of German as a foreign language in terms of its lexicon, grammar, phonetics and pragmatics? What do I need to know to explain to learners how German works for communication to succeed? How is the German language represented in learning materials and how can we best convey vocabulary, grammar and phonetics?
Course start: 20.04.2020
Application deadline: 28.03.2020

DLL 5 Learning Materials and Media
Learning materials and media are of central importance in the classroom. This unit demonstrates how modern learning materials look, how they are used and also didactically by means of listening and reading skills
Course start: 20.04.2020
Application deadline: 28.03.2020

DLL 8 German as a Foreign Language for Children

The focal points of this unit are language acquisition and the learning process of early childhood, facets of developmental psychology, skill-building and, above all, methodological and didactic apsects of teaching children.
Course start: 18.05.2020
Application deadline: 24.04.2020

The training program lasts 10 weeks and is conducted exclusively on the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. The time commitment per week is approximately 9 hours, approximately 90 hours in total. As part of the program, teachers will conduct a practical project in their regular school practice.

A full scholarship includes the registration cost and the course materials.

Upon successful completion of the course and submission of the practical project documentation, participants will receive a Goethe-Institut certificate with a score.