Scholarships for Professional Learning Online Courses DLL: Deutsch Lehren Lernen

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Mon, 23.09.2019 -
Fri, 20.12.2019

Application Deadline: 02.09.2019/ 23.09.2019

„Deutsch Lehren Lernen (DLL)“ is an innovative professional learning and further training program of the Goethe-Institut. It addresses the fundamental questions regarding the teaching of German as additional language. The 10-week online courses on different subjects are designed for teachers of German who are looking for professional learning utilising the latest training methods and the newest materials.  

School teachers of German in Australia with at least level B2 of German. Test your German here.
DLL1 Lehrkompetenz und Unterrichtsgestaltung
This unit focuses on you as a teacher and your influence on the lessons, your students and your student’s learnings: What characterises you as a teacher? Which factors influence your lessons? You will learn how to deal with common challenges when teaching German and get helpful tips for preparing successful lessons. The aim is to create a stress-free, motivating and productive atmosphere in class.
Course start: 23.09.2019
Application deadline: 02.09.2019

DLL2 Wie lernt man die Fremdsprache Deutsch?
This unit focuses on how you can support your students when learning German as a foreign language. You will get to know learning theories and language acquisition theories and learn about the factors that influence learning a foreign language. Furthermore, teachers will learn about personal differences in language learning and individual possibilities for supporting their students. They will learn how to let students learn independently and systematically. Additionally, it will be discussed how already acquired foreign languages can support the successful learning of German.
Course start: 23.09.2019
Application deadline: 02.09.2019

DLL 6 Curriculare Vorgaben und Unterrichtsplanung
What is important for you when planning lessons? Which requirements do you have to meet? How is it possible to plan lessons in accordance with the specifications? Setting specific learning outcomes can help you to plan your lessons more effectively. In this unit teachers learn helpful orientation points for their daily work – for example the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Course start: 23.09.2019
Application deadline: 02.09.2019

DLL 4 Aufgaben, Übungen, Interaktionen
This unit focuses on interactions and the learning outcomes of interactions. Teachers will learn about social processes and routines in class. They will learn about the differences between tasks and exercises and how to use both effectively in class. Additionally, it will be demonstrated how small projects in class can help students learn German whilst letting them work independently and creatively.
Course start: 14.10.2019
Application deadline: 23.09.2019

DLL 5 Lernmaterialien und Medien
This unit focuses on the use of learning materials and media. Teachers will learn how to prepare texts for specific learning groups. They will learn about the use of modern and digital learning materials and it will be demonstrated how the use of social media can support the learning of a new language.
Course start: 14.10.2019
Application deadline: 23.09.2019

DLL 7 Prüfen, Testen, Evaluieren
This unit focuses on exams, tests and evaluations. Teachers will work on important standards for exams and learn how to create their own tasks for exams. Additionally, they will learn how informal evaluation supports the learning process.
Course start: 14.10.2019
Application deadline: 23.09.2019

The training program lasts 10 weeks and is conducted exclusively on the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. The time commitment per week is approximately 5 hours, approximately 50 hours in total. As part of the program, teachers will conduct a practical project in their regular school practice.

A full scholarship includes the registration cost and the course materials.

Upon successful completion of the course and submission of the practical project documentation, participants will receive a Goethe-Institut certificate with a score.

Apply online.