Conference National Conference for Teachers of German 2014

Incorporating the South Australian State Conference for Teachers of German

To hold the biennial national conference in Adelaide is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it is in line with the Goethe-Institut's major theme for 2014 - Festivities - and thus the festival state of South Australia serves as an apt location. Secondly, Adelaide's German history which started a mere ten kilometers from the city centre with the arrival of the first German Lutherans in Glenelg. What better backdrop for a major get-together for teachers and educators of German from all over Australia. The centrally located Science Exchange with its heritage character is a suitable environment for like-minded individuals from local, national and international locations to share and exchange their respective professional news and experiences.

Despite the enormous achievements for German as a language in Australia to date, it remains important to reinforce the many benefits of studying this language, may it be as a personal challenge or for professional reasons to feature strongly within competitive job markets, locally and globally. The crucial role of teachers to supply the necessary input, professionalism and know-how for current and future students of German at primary, secondary and tertiary levels is evident. Not only do they motivate and maintain students' interest, they also deliver up-to-date and state-of-the-art teaching methods and technology whilst appreciating the many and diverse individual learning needs.

The biennial National Conference for Teachers of German incorporates the annual SAGTA/Goethe-Institut State Conference and offers a variety of workshops and presentations by local and international guest speakers, an ideal source of inspiration for educators who help shape the future of this important language in Australia. A range of resource and teaching materials will be available for purchase and perusal throughout the event.

To this end there is much to celebrate and to get inspired by for teachers of German in South Australia and on a national scale!

Program (PDF, 3 MB)

Brochure (PDF, 600 KB)