Film Rock My Heart

Rock My Heart ©Bernd Spauke

Fri, 25.05.2018

Palace Centro Cinemas

39 James St, Fortitude Valley
4006 Brisbane

Feature Film

The 17-year-old Jana has an innate heart defect that could end her life at any moment. Furious to her fate, she rebels against her illness and is just looking for every wild adventure. When Jana meets the untamed and rebellious thoroughbred stallion Rock My Heart, it is love at first sight. Together with Rock's trainer Paul, she forges the plan to train for a big horse race. Jana conceals that she is heart-sick, because in her work with rock my heart she has finally found her fulfillment. Will she be able to ride the big race despite her handicap? 

Length: 110 min
Release Year: 2017
Target Group: Junior/Senior
Tickets: Buy indivual and group tickets directly at Palace Cinemas
Rated E: Parental Guidance
To be considered: 17-year-old girl who suffers from heart disease becomes a jockey. A teenager dies because of heart disease. Adults drink beer and 17-year old girl sparkling wine. An adult smokes cigarettes.

This screening is part of the ‘Kino for Kids’. ‘Kino for Kids’ will be presented as part of the German Film Festival, presented by Palace Cinemas and German Films.
Kino for Kids