D.A.F. @ Melbourne Music Week

D.A.F. Creative Commons

For ten days Melbourne Music Week (MMW) celebrates outstanding artists from the Melbourne and world-wide music scene. For the 10th anniversary the MMW will be take place from 14th to 23rd of November 2019. This year we are pleased about the stronger presence of German artists:

It is a special pleasure for us to announce  the headline act "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft" (German American Friendship), also known as D.A.F. They are regarded as pioneers and inspiration for the genres electro punk, electronic body music and techno and are a special highlight at the festival. The Goethe-Institut is a co-presenting partner for both the concert and an exclusive artist talk.

Furthermore for the 10th anniversary Kubik is coming back to Melbourne. Kubik was designed by the German designer Balestra Berlin and consists of interconnected, luminous water tanks with LEDs that change colour in response to music. The installation will take place at Birrarung Marr, functioning as the MMW hub and as open-air music venue where Berlin club DJs Radio Slave and SRVD spin the turntables.

Another absolute highlight is the audio-visual concert by Robert Henke (Monolake/ Ableton live) who created LUMIERE IIIx exclusivley for his concert in Melbourne.