Design Festival TWIN MINIGAGARIN: Plastique Fantastique

Mini Gagarin: Plastique Fantastique Plastique Fantastique

Wed, 06.11.2019 -
Thu, 07.11.2019

Canberra Airport

Terminal Cct
Canberra City

Art installation at Design Canberra Festival

A highlight of the 2019 DESIGN Canberra festival will be the work of acclaimed Berlin-based design team, Plastique Fantastique, a platform for temporary architecture which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, it has specialised in creating pneumatic installations as adaptable, low energy spaces. The transparent, lightweight and mobile shell structures relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes. Plastique Fantastique’s installations represent experimentation and collaboration, and are an exciting expression of contemporary European design. Pneumatic architecture creates astonishing forms and enormous inhabitable spaces using a membrane that is readily reducible and transportable.

Twin Minigagarin will land at Canberra Airport departures foyer, where travelers from all over the world can rest inside as if they have stopped over at a space station during their journey. Twin Minigagarin investigates urban and social issues in a playful manner. Playing can serve here as metaphor to intervene in public space: an iterative design approach that embraces chance, accidents and a multitude of participants. The pneumatic structure is reminiscent of places, objects or architecture which most people have vivid and positive memories off.
The futuristic look of Twin Minigagarin invites people to enter, have fun and be active in public space. Its tactile and aesthetic qualities provoke immediate and sensual reactions, regardless of people’s education, age or cultural background.

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