KinoKonzert 07: Ashley Hribar | The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Caligari / KinoKonzert © Goethe-Institut / Murnau Stiftung Caligari / KinoKonzert © Goethe-Institut / Murnau Stiftung

We celebrate 100 years Dr. Caligari

100 years after its original release The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari maintains its spellbound reputation, as a result of its dreamlike narrative style and landmark expressionist set design. For its KinoKonzert series the Goethe-Institut will screen a new, digitally restored copy of the film, along with an original soundtrack composed and performed live by Ashley Hribar.  
Ashley Hribar is an Australian born pianist-composer who now lives mostly in Germany. His compositions are poly-stylistic collages combining classical piano with extended performance techniques and electronics.