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A woman with a mask looks at her smartphone. Photo (detail): Engin Akyurt © Unsplash

One Zero Society

One Zero Society focuses worldwide on the relationship between digitization, post-digital culture, and civil society, supported by partners – in discourses, exhibitions, art, and culture.

Games and Politics © lalesh aldarwish

Global Gaming

Games are part of life and video games have long since become an asset that enables a globally networked industry to gain billions in profit. But video games have long since established themselves as their own art form too.

The VR artwork „Mercury“ by Banz & Bowinkel during the exhibition “RESET III AND VIRTUAL REALITY” curated by Tina Sauerländer from “peer to space” at Priska Pasquer art gallery in Cologne, Germany, in 2017. Photo (detail): © Nathan Ishar / courtesy PRISKA PASQUER

Digitally Confident

How do we assert ourselves in the digital society? Which tools do we have to master, which skills do we have to learn?

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