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Goethe on Demand

On Goethe on Demand, the streaming platform of the Goethe-Institut, we present a variety of online film programs, film festivals and film series that can be streamed from home. More information about the alternating film series can be found here. The films are presented in original language with subtitles. They are accessible online and free of charge after registration.

How it works

I like it when reality and dreams don't diverge.

Wim Wenders

Current film series

Cover image of the film series „My Touch Makes Me Visible!“ © arsenal-Institut für Film und Videokunst / Maike Mia Höhne

Frequencies. Global Feminisms
My Touch Makes Me Visible!

The film series My Touch Makes Me Visible! is a kaleidoscope of aesthetic forms that reflects the polyvocal positions of feminisms from different histories and various women’s experiences.


Genre cinema: Science-Fiction

Currently in the annual series Genre Films: Science Fiction!

In March:

Science fiction, GDR, 1972, 82 min.
Director: Herrmann Zschoche
With: Cox Habbema, Ivan Andonov, Vsevolod Sanayev

Eight space cargo-ships disappear without a trace within three days and there is suddenly no contact with the orbiting space station, Margot. The space council orders a total flight stop. But one space ship secretly takes off to go to the space station.

Bodies Protest & Resist

Feminist film series
Bodies Protest & Resist

The current film series My Touch Makes Me Visible! is an exploration of how filmmakers have used the skin of the screen to draw us closer to the sensory experiences of women from across different geographic terrains and from varied political contexts. The "chapter" Bodies Protest and Resist is part of the film series. It is a selection of films which includes the work of Hito Steyerl and Sarah Abu Abdallah to reflect patriarchal structures and the broad spectrum of violences that continue to ravage the lives of so many women globally but also the triumphant ways that women survive in spite of these continued repressions.

More on German film

Serienfieber Illustration einer Hand mit Fernbedienung © Colourbox / Image editing Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

German Series in Canada
Binge Fever!

Television “Made in Germany” is having a golden moment with the rise of international streaming services. German series that appeal to global audiences through smart and original writing, diverse themes, talented lineups and opulent productions have never received so much attention. 

Monika Treut’s film “Von Mädchen und Pferden” about two lesbian girls in the German-Danish border region. Photo (detail): © Edition Salzgeber

“Queer Cinema belongs to the mainstream here”

Monika Treut is considered to be one of the pioneers of Queer Cinema. In this interview the film director and producer talks about positive developments in western societies, repressive trends and things that aren’t quite running as they should. 

Scene from the movie “Buddenbrooks”: The elaborate historical costumes were designed by Barbara Baum, who has been working as a costume designer in the film industry for about 50 years. Photo (detail): © picture alliance/Bavaria Film International/Everett Collection

Film production
Women Behind the Cinematic Scenes

While the public can recite the names of famous German actresses, the women behind the camera often go unrecognised. We introduce ten women from the German film scene everyone should know.