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Bibliothek Zeitschriften/Leseraum im Goethe-Institut Montreal © Jean Guy Lambert

One feels in the library as in the presence of a great capital that silently produces unpredictable interest.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Driven by curiosity and the lust for life, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s body of work encompassed a wide range of topics. Photo (detail): © picture alliance/akg-images

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Book of the week Waschbär wäscht Wäsche

Every week we present a book from our collection that we find particularly interesting, exciting, instructive or otherwise particularly worth reading.This week: 

Susanne Straßer, “Waschbär wäscht Wäsche“ (Peter Hammer Verlag, Wuppertal 2023).

The raccoon is a master at turning dirt into cleanliness. He scrubs and washes, while the frog brings his green socks, the tiger his yellow skirt and the sheep his white sweater. The line on which everything is hung out to dry gets longer and longer. But the idyll is quickly interrupted when the raccoon distributes the clothes and chaos breaks out. And as if that wasn't enough, a storm is brewing in the sky ...

Waschbär wäscht Wäsche @Susanne Straßer / Peter Hammer Verlag

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Your personal library account, which gives you access to our media and services at any time.


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