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Achtung Buch with Marie-Pierre© Laura Laakso

Achtung Buch!

Are you interested in German literature but don't really know where to start? As part of our "Achtung Buch!" series, Marie-Pierre would like to share with you her favorites from our e-library. Whether it's contemporary literature, comics or children's books, she is happy to share her recommendations with you.

The Videos

Bonne Lektüre mit Marie-Pierre © Laura Laakso

Booktube in French
Bonne Lektüre ! avec Marie-Pierre

Our French-language booktubing project. Same concept, same presenter, but in French! Zut alors!


A portemanteau of Book and YouTube, BookTube is a term used for bookish videos found on the YouTube platform. Such videos started appearing on the platform around 2010, made by book lovers worldwide. BookTube videos can consist of book presentations, reviews (with or without spoilers), bookshelf tours, readalongs, discussions, etc. Many genres are represented in the BookTube community (Young Adult, classics, science-fiction, comics, non-fiction, etc.). The community has grown exponentially in recent years, and is often cited as a source of growth for the book publishing industry.

Our vlogger

Marie-Pierre has been the librarian at the Goethe-Institut Montreal for over 10 years. An avid reader since childhood, she explores a wide variety of literary fields with great curiosity. Of course, German literature is a particular focus of interest for her. After studying the classics as part of her Bachelor's degree in German Studies, she turns to contemporary German literature in her BookTube channels Achtung Buch! (in English) and Bonne Lektüre (in French). She lives in Montreal.

More about German literature

Fliegende Seiten © Shutterstock

Current Literature in Germany

The literary scene in Germany is as diverse and colorful as the population. Be it groups of young writers or magazines in very small, self-published editions, find out more about exciting things from the German literary scene!

Regards Croisés © Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

Letter exchange
Crossed Glances

We present one of the correspondences between Quebec and European Writers that were organized as part of the Festival international de la littérature (FIL), this year the one between the authors Catherine Mavrikakis from Quebec and Pierre Jarawan from Germany.

Book of the week

Helena Baumeister, "oh cupid" © Avant-Verlag

Book of the week
oh cupid

Every week we present a book from our collection that we find particularly interesting, exciting, instructive or otherwise particularly worth reading. This week we continue to celebrate the month of graphic novels, and the upcoming Montreal Comic Arts Festival:

Helena Baumeister, "oh cupid" (Avant, Berlin 2022)

In times of the pandemic, Helena longs for encounters and closeness and arranges to meet someone via an online dating platform. The fourth man she meets this way only has an unspectacular photo in his profile. Nevertheless, Helena agrees to his suggestion that they go on a bike ride together.

Helena Baumeister received the Hamburg Literature Prize 2021 for Best Comic as well as the "Peng!" prize for Best German-language Comic at the Munich Comic Festival for oh cupid.