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Bonne Lektüre with Marie-Pierre© Laura Laakso

Bonne Lektüre

Are you interested in German literature but don't really know where to start? As part of our "Bonne Lektüre" series, Marie-Pierre would like to share with you her favorites from our library. Whether it's contemporary literature, comics or children's books, she is happy to share her recommendations with you.

The Videos

Bonne Lektüre! Urbex RDA, de Nicolas Offenstadt © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #7
"Urbex RDA", by Nicolas Offenstadt

Bonne Lektüre! Les occasions manquées, de Lucy Fricke @ Aim Pé

Bonne Lektüre #6
"Les occasions manquées", by Lucy Fricke

„Tant qu’il y aura des cèdres“ © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #5
"Tant qu’il y aura des cèdres" de Pierre Jarawan

 „Die letzten 23 Tage der Plüm“ © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #4
"Die letzten 23 Tage der Plüm" by Katharina Greve

Dans le même bateau © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #3
"Dans le même bateau" von Zelba

Schottenfreude © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #2
"Schottenfreude" von Ben Schott

Le rêve de l'Okapi © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Bonne Lektüre #1
"Le rêve de l'okapi" von Mariana Leky


A portemanteau of Book and YouTube, BookTube is a term used for bookish videos found on the YouTube platform. Such videos started appearing on the platform around 2010, made by book lovers worldwide. BookTube videos can consist of book presentations, reviews (with or without spoilers), bookshelf tours, readalongs, discussions, etc. Many genres are represented in the BookTube community (Young Adult, classics, science-fiction, comics, non-fiction, etc.). The community has grown exponentially in recent years, and is often cited as a source of growth for the book publishing industry.

Our vlogger

Marie-Pierre has been the librarian at the Goethe-Institut Montreal for over 10 years. An avid reader since childhood, she explores a wide variety of literary fields with great curiosity. Of course, German literature is a particular focus of interest for her. After studying the classics as part of her Bachelor's degree in German Studies, she turns to contemporary German literature in her BookTube channel Bonne Lektüre. She lives in Montreal.

More about German literature

Fliegende Seiten © Shutterstock

Current Literature in Germany

The literary scene in Germany is as diverse and colorful as the population. Be it groups of young writers or magazines in very small, self-published editions, find out more about exciting things from the German literary scene!

Regards Croisés © Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

Letter exchange
Crossed Glances

We present one of the correspondences between Quebec and European Writers that were organized as part of the Festival international de la littérature (FIL), this year the one between the authors Catherine Mavrikakis from Quebec and Pierre Jarawan from Germany.

Book of the week

Thomas Kunst - Zandschower Klinken © Suhrkamp Verlag, Shutterstock

Book of the week

It's German Book Prize time again! We have already acquired for you the books from the shortlist, and a few from the longlist - they are now available for you to borrow.

This week we present another book from the shortlist:

Thomas Kunst "Zandschower Klinken" (Suhrkamp, Berlin 2021)

The inhabitants of the village of Zandschow in northern Germany follow a strict weekly schedule; on Thursdays, for example, twenty plastic swans are released onto the pond, and they celebrate festivals under artificial palm trees at their "lagoon". In general, the people here no longer accept the precarious conditions in the middle of nowhere. Their Zandschow is Zanzibar; here one can be poor, but still live paradisiacally, in a lot of craziness.

With irrepressible imagination and a lot of wit, Thomas Kunst tells in Zandschower Klinken about a solidary community that pulls itself out of the miseryon its own - defiant, stubborn, and free. He creates a utopia in our globalized present and finds a language of compelling musicality for it.

"In a contemporary literature dominated by plain language, emphasis, and appeals, such an enigmatic, playful, atmospheric novel is ... a welcome anomaly." 
- Oliver Jungen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung