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German Traces in New Brunswick
Oliver's German Bakery

Oliver's German Bakery
Oliver's German Bakery | © Oliver's German Bakery

Located in the picturesque village of Hillsborough, about 20 kilometers south of Moncton, Oliver's German Bakery has become a must-see stop in the Greater Moncton area. This bakery café serves breakfast and lunch. They offer a wide variety of breads, pies, cakes, pastries and a selection of other typical German organic products.

Fresh pretzels from Oliver's German Bakery Fresh pretzels from Oliver's German Bakery | © Oliver's German Bakery A second generation baker, Oliver Hofer is passionate about his art. Being a baker, however, is not always easy. The days start at 3AM and end in the afternoon. But the job is very rewarding. Oliver is very proud to be able to offer his customers fresh, healthy and refined products. His breads are sugar-free, preservative-free and contain only organic ingredients that are particularly sought-after by his customers. Rich in grains and nutrients, traditional German bread is different from the breads produced in industrial bakeries and found in supermarkets, which are often very sweet and therefore less healthy. Oliver notes that the new generation of young farmers and restaurateurs in New Brunswick are very concerned about the quality and origin of the products they offer their customers. This return to traditional values is encouraging collaboration among several regional producers and restaurateurs who share the same philosophy on healthy, local food. This may explain why the bakery has become the bread supplier for many local restaurants and cafés in the Greater Moncton area.

At the Oliver's German Bakery At the Oliver's German Bakery | © Oliver's German Bakery When asked why he moved to Hillsborough, New Brunswick and why he left Dieppe, where he previously worked, Oliver admits that he and his family have always preferred to live in the countryside. That is the reason they moved to New Brunswick in 2003. This Maritime province, with its rolling hills and rural charm, reminds him of southern Germany, especially his native Heidenheim in Baden-Württemberg.

The bakery is open from Tuesday to Friday throughout the year. The products are also on sale at the Dieppe Market on Fridays and Saturdays.

Süßes from Oliver's German Bakery Sweets from Oliver's German Bakery | © Oliver's German Bakery If you're a fan of German breads or pastries, look no further! Oliver's bakery will transport you to Germany with these delicacies that will both satisfy and seduce you!

Oliver's German Bakery
2807 Main Street 
E4H 2X5 Hillsborough, NB