Retrospective 2023

The German Music Scene

The German music scene reinvented itself in many ways in 2023. We look back on a year that was (among other aspects also) musically eventful, in which new collaborations emerged, new technological paths were broken and there were some surprising discoveries to be made between tradition and innovation.

Musikrückblick 2023 © Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

A look back to the future

What was going on in 2023? A lot has happened in pop, jazz and classical music. The willingness to cooperate has grown considerably since the crisis, and insular thinking is a thing of the past. Whether, as in pop, old and new stars have joined forces, in classical music innovative paths had to be taken in the media, or, as in jazz, a whole new generation of musicians has pushed their way into the limelight: accompany our music editors on a journey through the most important festivals, releases and developments of the past year.