Copy All - Zines as Community Response to Algorithmic Culture © Klaus-Jürgen Schlotz

A zine is a printed work that is reproduced in a very small number of copies and usually distributed by the artist themselves. Zines are being used to celebrate shared (special) interests not covered through traditional media or to describe lived experiences not reflected in popular culture. Zines often serve as responses to hegemonic discourses and celebrate difference and distributed authorship.

If all else fails, there's always print or web zines.

Rudy Rucker

For this project, we asked various German and Canadian artists to respond to the challenges of the post-digital age with a zine. The diversity of the results provides insight into the extent to which algorithmic culture has permeated various areas of the artists' lives and the society they are part of, and underscores the importance of an ethical review of the all-encompassing and pervasive technologies. You can download them below. Copy All - freely!

The Contributions

Home Smart Home © Bianca Weeko Martin

Bianca Weeko Martin
Home Smart Home

Bianca Weeko Martin is an architectural researcher, published author and passionate practitioner of the arts and the internet. Her work explores themes of family, memory, domestic space and urban life. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in Scarborough, Toronto.

Jasmine Ghandtchi „The Magic Typewriter“ © Jasmine Ghandtschi

Jasmine Ghandtchi
The Magic Typewriter

Jasmine Ghandtchi has Iranian-German roots and lives in Berlin. She works as a freelance intercultural mediator, language teacher and artist in Germany and worldwide. Connecting the dots between humans, art, culture, technology, nature, language is the core of her work. She loves developing new creative forms of learning. Her passion is storytelling, drawing, cooking and Yoga.


Yasmeen Nematt Alla „The Void's Song“ © Yasmeen Nematt Alla

Yasmeen Nematt Alla
The Void's Song

Yasmeen Nematt Alla is a visual artist and art worker living in Tkaronto, Ontario. Her practice approaches alienated narratives from an interpreter’s perspective; examining how the translation of language, experiences, and visuals intertwine with care, grief, and community building. She has most recently exhibited at the Gladstone, Xpace Cultural Center, and ACRE Projects and is currently a resident in the CreateSpace STEPs Residency. 

Alexandra Ruppert "Poems by Critters" © Alexandra Ruppert

Alexandra Ruppert
Poems by Critters

Alexandra Ruppert is a visual storyteller, illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany. Driven by a bewildered curiosity for humans, she lets you dive into parallel universes like lucid dreams, the subconsciousness or the internet. Be prepared to be shaken up with what we call „reality“.


Shireen Norouzi "In Between" © Shireen Norouzi

Shireen Norouzi

Shireen Norouzi is an artist from Toronto Canada with interest in technological and societally influenced artwork, as well as portrait photography. She works in digital illustration, photography, risograph, and lighting/video design. She hopes that her art can help elevate socially and politically relevant information and create a sense of community.

Copy All is a joint project by UKAI and the Goethe-Institut Toronto.