Virtual Reality & Journalism

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Journalism and the newest immersive technologies come together to reimagine our interaction with digital society. 

Fostering Networking and Co-Production

Between April and November 2018 virtual reality creators, artists, thinkers and journalists from Canada and Germany are invited to connect, exchange knowledge, work together, and share their critical explorations on digital culture with the public. This exchange aims to invigorate the scenes in both countries by creating the ideal setting for networking, collaboration and co-production, while also rethinking the language and modes by which we engage both with VR and with the wider digital world.

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Samara Chadwick
Program Curator
"It’s really exceptional..."

Annina Zwettler
ARTE Germany
“It’s like a bricolage process…”

Liam Maloney
Photo Journalist
“I am looking for intimate ways into bigger stories…”

Christiane Miethge
"You can make people think"

Sönke Kirchhof
"We are curious about VR"

Tess Takahashi
"...a very embodied, sensory experience."

Nyla Innuksuk
“VR requires you think outside the box…”

Events April - November 2018

Goethe-Institut x Phi Centre © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Exhibition | May 2.- 4. | Main Hall @ Re:publica | Berlin
VR:RV Exhibition: Goethe-Institut x Phi Centre

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