Concert + Lecture Markus Mehr at Akousma Festival

Markus Mehr - Liquid Empires © Keep it, Love it, Call it George

Wed, 10/17/2018 -
Fri, 10/19/2018

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Akousma is a festival whose mission is to present works created by artists and collectives active in the field of electroacoustic music. As part of its 2018 edition, German composer Markus Mehr will perform Liquid Empires, a work created from underwater recordings.

October 17 at 2:15 p.m.
Public Lecture
Concordia University
John Molson Building
1450 Guy St
8th Floor, Room 245

Composer Markus Mehr talks about his work with the electroacoustic composition students of Concordia University.

October 19 at 8:00 p.m.
Usine C
1345, avenue Lalonde
$ 25 regular price, $ 15 students

Chaos + Emergent Evening

Liquid Empires (Working Title), 20'
Liquid Empires is a sonic exploration of the centrality of water to life on Earth. As Mehr explains, “We are water. Water is everything. It is life-giving and deadly, it is progress and comfort, it is central to our economy, energy, transport, food, warmth, cooling and manufacturing. At the same time, water means purity, beauty and mysticism. We spend the first nine months in it. We waste it and we contaminate it…”

Over the course of more than two years, Mehr recorded the sound of rivers, lakes and oceans, then set about transforming these sonic source materials in the digital domain using spectral analysis and time manipulation software. The result is some of Mehr’s most mesmerizing compositions to date, teasing out harmonic patterns and microscopic textures that are as beautiful as they are mystifying.

Markus Mehr Markus Mehr | © Frauke Wichmann Markus Mehr
Markus Mehr (born 1965 in Augsburg, Bavaria) is a musician and composer of experimental music. One focus of his compositions lies in sound sculpting and forming audio-collages. Other pieces focus more on sound art with situational and performative character. He lives and works in Augsburg.

© Stefanie Sixt (Video), Markus Mehr (Sound)
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