Auto Nom

Auto Nom, dir. Julius Steinhauser| Zeitguised © Julius Steinhauser | Zeitguised

Sun, 06/04/2023 -
Sat, 06/17/2023

Goethe-Institut Montreal

Robots & Algorithms | Window Projections

Window projections from June 4 to June 17, 2023 after dark on our storefront windows. The work can be seen in-house during our opening hours at the institute (1626 boul. St-Laurent, H2X 2T1 Montreal, QC).

Auto nom

2017, 2'09
Written and directed by ZEITGUISED/f°am Studio Direction: Julius Steinhauser
Concept, design and production: ZEITGUISED/f°am Studio

Auto Nom is a lighthearted essay on machine autonomy, illustrated by an example of a self driving car. Rolf, our global classic german car protagonist painted in tasteful yellow, enjoys his unadulterated freedom from mundane tasks in a world devoid of organic life forms. Not reduced to a vehicle getting humans from A to B, he rules a city that seems to have been taken over by a rogue AI and rampant phygital matter overgrowth.

About the artist

ZEITGUISED is a digital art practice spanning its own genre defying work space between virtual and physical, abstract and figurative, generative and manufactured, conceptual and low-fi.

ZEITGUISEDs focus on virtual prosthetics is corrupting the tropes of vandalism with digital means.

The work of ZEITGUISED erases the distinction between synthetic authenticism and authentic syntheticism in one algorithm aided gesture.

Pairing digital abstractions with photorealistic depictions via spatial installations in The Zoo (2004) and Peripetics (2008), ZEITGUISED is  considered to have started a genre that has grown extensively in the realms of digital art ever since. (2016) is the first natively virtual textile design project and has been acquired by the V&A into their permanent digital collection.

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