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Housebound - Jens Pecho © Jens Pecho

Thu, 10/15/2020 -
Sat, 10/31/2020

Goethe-Institut Montreal

1626 boul. St-Laurent
Bureau 100
H2X 2T1 Montréal

Watch the videos selected following our recent call for works "(Large) cities after Covid-19" on the walls of the Goethe Institute, where the filmmakers attempt to answer questions about what the next city might look like? What direction will it take? Will nature take back its rights in the city centers? What will office buildings be used for if no one works there anymore?

1/8 Housebound
Director : Jens Pecho

About the film
The film combines a scene taken from the movie Copycat (1995) with footage of Pechos' editing of the film. It is a reflection on the idea of artistic originality as well as the art world’s constant desire to instantly transform everything – even the current health crisis  – into works of art. Housebound was commissioned by this year’s edition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. It is Pechos' contribution to the festival's discussion: "Can and should one make films now?" 

About Jens Pecho
Jens Pecho studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as well as the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. As a visual artist, he works mostly with text- and video-based installations. His works have been shown internationally at museums as well as film festivals, among them the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Forum d'Art Contemporain – Casino Luxembourg, the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, the Message to Man IFF Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, and the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden.

Jury statement

With the impromptu call “Can and should one make films now?”, this year's Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival invited a number of video artists to submit their statement in the form of a short video work. Out of this context, Housebound critically reflects the effects of the pandemic and such calls on art production. Produced as a screen-video, the work pointedly displays that in times of contact restrictions computerscreens and the Internet become the primary medium of perception, production and discussion of art, and take on the role of a “window to the world” more than ever. (Anna Lena Seiser)

Housebound - Jens Pecho
© Jens Pecho