Installation + Panel Discussion + DJ Set Exposé Noir

Blume - Sven Marquardt © Sven Marquardt

Sat, 05/18/2024

6:00 PM

Vieux-Port de Montréal, Hangar

Sven Marquardt, Hardy Paetke, Tavy Hornbrook, Tilius Sodeika

An event by Exposé Noir

Saturday, May 18: Berlin meets Montreal. Renowned East-Berlin photographer Sven Marquardt, production manager Hardy Paetke, visual artist Tavy Hornbrook, and motion designer Tilius Sodeika fly in for a conceptual audiovisual exhibition. A brutalist aesthetic co-designed with Exposé Noir, Diagraf at realtime visual controls, and the raw photography in concert with a 3-hour live techno set by MMSI; this is both experimental and a full on dance. Preceded by an artist talk moderated by Leticia Trandafir (softcoresoft), translated by Maurice Jones, and with the support of the Goethe-Institut. Disturbing Beauty, part ii, is a true Berlin-Montreal collaboration. 

Setting’s the former shipping hangar that is the P5 lot beneath the Science Centre’s belvedere at the edge of the island. For the one night reimagined with sheet rock, concrete, chains, and metal; hard industrial sounds and Marquardt’s photography - intense, beautiful, and disturbing, in the very best sense of the word - juxtaposing the river’s calm and breathtaking horizon.