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Individual and small group courses

Learn German at your own pace - easy and efficient

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Illustration:  Kursleiterin wirft Teilnehmenden passende Lösung zu.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Self-determined learning speed
  • Online or in-person

Individual Courses

A young woman in fashionable jeans sits on the floor in front of a couch in the living room and looks at a laptop with a smile.

Deutsch Online Individual

  • Individual learning rhythm
  • Regular feedback from the tutor
  • 100% online, including live sessions

Eine junge Frau sitzt in einem Sessel. Sie hat ein Laptop auf dem Schoß und nimmt über Headset an einer Konferenz teil.

Package of 10 or more teaching units

  • Individual learning rhythm
  • Regular meetings with your tutor
  • Online or in-person

Small group courses

Online or in-person

Package of 10 or more teaching units for small groups

Oriented to the needs of the group;  Interactive and motivating  

Frequently asked questions

Questions? Mon, Wed, Thu 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm 343- 463-3172 We will be glad to help you: kurse-kanada@goethe.de