Film screening Neubau

Neubau - Film Still © Media Luna

Tue, 05/31/2022

7:00 PM

ByTowne Cinema

Achtung Film! | ByTowne Cinema


Germany 2019, 81 Min.
Director: Johannes Maria Schmitt
With: Tucké Royale, Monika Zimmering, Jalda Rebling, Min Duc Pham

Summer in the province of Brandenburg. Markus is torn between his love for his grandmothers in need of care and his longing for another life in Berlin. In his daydreams, he sees a crowd of shimmering demons as harbingers of a queer urban family of choice that frees him from his loneliness. As he falls in love with Duc, everything gets even more complicated, because the already packed boxes in Markus’ newly-built flat wait to move to Berlin. -