Conference The Entangled Gaze: Indigenous and European Views of Each Other

Anna Brus and Markus Lindner are guests of the Goethe-Institut

The Indigenous Visual Culture Research Centre’s inaugural conference,
at the Art Gallery of Ontario

The two-day conference addresses how historical and contemporary Indigenous artists have chosen to represent Europeans artistically and in turn, how Europeans have represented Indigenous peoples. Conference contributors will deliver short papers or performances to explore, or respond to, two key questions: how do we represent people who are different from ourselves, and, what are the consequences of this representation?
The event will convene an interdisciplinary group of researchers, museum professionals, and Indigenous artists and community members from North America and Europe, who will address social, political, cultural, economic or aesthetic aspects of Indigenous-European encounters as mediated through art and visual culture. Select papers will be published as peer-reviewed articles in a special issue of AbOriginal: Journal of Indigenous Studies and First Nations’ and First Peoples’ Cultures, edited by Prof. Gerald McMaster. Research materials will be uploaded onto a digital commons to support scholarly and community-based research on Indigenous art and history.

Anna Brus is a doctoral candidate at the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg Locating Media at Siegen University, focusing on interculturalism and aesthetics, art sciences and ethnography, and depictions of the other in the visual culture of Africa.

Dr. Markus Lindner is faculty member at the Institute for Ethnology of the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main with the focus on Native North America (Plains, particularly Lakota), contemporary situation, representation, material culture, historical photography, museum anthropology, tourism, contemporary native art, and repatriation. 
Part of the Goethe-Institut’s focus on “the Other”