Film Screening Goethe x DesignTO: Taste the Waste

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Tue, 01/24/2023

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Toronto

The Goethe-Institut is happy to collaborate with DesignTO again on ideas for a better, more sustainable and just future.

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By Valentin Thurn, Germany, 2011
A documentary film on global food waste and what we can do about it.

Environmental Media Award winner
Berlinale world premiere

Valentin Thurn studied geography, ethnology and politics in Aix-en-Provence, Frankfurt and Cologne and trained at the German School of Journalism Munich. He is the co-founder of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists, an investigative author and feature director for radio and television.

He followed up on the success of “Taste the Waste” with the film "10 Billion - What Will We Eat Tomorrow?" and in 2013 founded the free food sharing website
Agriculture is responsible for more than a third of the greenhouse gases worldwide because farming requires energy, fertilizers and land. What’s more, whenever food rots away at a garbage dump, methane escapes into the atmosphere, a climate gas with an effect 25 times as powerful as carbon dioxide. On the way from farm to table, more than half the food lands in the dump, most of it before it ever reaches consumers. Wasting half our food has a disastrous impact on the world's climate.

Why is so much food being destroyed? Taste the Waste seeks explanations from grocery store staff, bakers, market inspectors, welfare recipients, ministers, farmers and EU bureaucrats. Sadly, food waste is a system that we all take part in. How can we stop this kind of waste? The film visits people who want to stop this waste: a scientist, supermarket manager, potato farmer, and dumpster divers. All of them are working together towards a goal that offers a major opportunity to address our climate crisis.

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