Installation Touching from a Distance II:
Transmediations in the Digital Age

The Swan Collective, Here We Are - A Turing Torture, 2018, VR Experience (Still) © The Swan Collective

Fri, 03/22/2019 -
Thu, 05/23/2019

Goethe Media Space

Commissioned & presented by the Goethe-Institut Toronto
Co-presented with Hot Docs, Images Festival & Digifest

Artists: Jonas Blume (DE), Manja Ebert (DE), Ornella Fieres (DE), Aron Lesnik (DE), Lorna Mills (CAN), Sarah Oh-Mock (DE), Julia Charlotte Richter (DE), Anna Ridler (UK), The Swan Collective (DE), Tina Wilke (DE).

Curated by Tina Sauerlaender (peer to space)

Join us for the exhibition opening on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 6:30pm with the curator and artists Jonas Blume, Felix Kraus, Lorna Mills, and Tina Wilke in conversation. 

Touching From A Distance II presents recent digital art works immersed into the book shelves and media hardware at the Goethe Media Space. All works deal with transmediation, the process of translating information between different co-existing media–analog or digital, written or visual. The concept of transmediation reflects our daily internet routine, as we stay connected via intangible yet visible information. The band Joy Division praised the effect of music conveyed through the radio with their 1979 song Transmission: “Touching from a distance...sound, that's all we need to synchronise.” Today, digital data reaches and connects us as we post images, create short videos, or use emojis.
The 10 featured works build bridges between literature, language, digital art or VR. Ornella Fieres explores the transitions between analog and digital imagery; Anna Ridler transforms Edgar Allan Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher into an AI animation based on the artist’s drawings; Aron Lesnik creates uncanny animations of people talking about the advantages of reading.

The exhibition is the 2nd version of TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE, organized by and Literaturhaus Berlin, curated by Manja Ebert, Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge in 2018. 

The exhibition includes a world premiere by Lorna Mills as well as 6 North American and 3 Canadian premieres.


PREDICTIVE BIOGRAPHY (2018, video 10 min) by Jonas Blume
Sour Candy (2018) by Manja Ebert
As if we are passing through tunnels (2018) by Ornella Fieres
IMITATIO (2018, 24 min) by Aron Lesnik
Flying Sculptures – working title (2019) by Lorna Mills
You want it darker (2018) by Sarah Oh-Mock
Das kleine Rotkäppchen (2011, 2:50 min) by Julia Charlotte Richter
Fall of the House of Usher I (2017, 12:55 min) by Anna Ridler
Here We Are – A Turing Torture (2018, VR experience 7:35 min) by The Swan Collective
Glocal (2017, 15 min) by Tina Wilke

In English or with English subtitles.

Opening hours:
Thu 4:30PM - 7:30PM
Sat 10AM - 1PM