Breakfast@Goethe © Goethe-Institut Finnland

Breakfast@Goethe is a series of gatherings where cultural professionals from Germany meet fellow artists and experts based in Finland and exchange ideas about current topics while enjoying vegan breakfast together.

We often collaborate with local partners in order to invite experts. In our experience, bringing new people together who work on the same topics or share similar interests and practices, and introducing them to each other in an informal and open setting is a great start for a lively discussions. We encourage the audience to reflect together on the current topics, and take part in the discussion, and after the breakfast the chatting often continues.

The events are held in English and free of charge. The discussions are not recorded.

Are you hosting a cultural expert from the German cultural scene and would you like to collaborate with us? Feel free to contact us at

Guest speakers

Topics in the Breakfast@Goethe events have been cross-border and interdisciplinary, such as playwriting in Germany and Finland, equality in the field of music, intersectionality and inclusion in multilingualism, musical touring during pandemic, sustainable international co-operation in performing arts, participation, empowerment, empathy and inclusion in dance, international co-operations and funding structures in dance centres, colonial archives and Indigenous knowledge, performance and contemporary music.

Since 2018 we been delighted to bring together inspiring dialogues by speakers such as Kamila Metwaly, Anna Bromley, An Paenhuysen (2018), Satu Herrala and Kerstin Schroth (2019), Katja Herlemann and E.L. Karhu (2019), Karina Griffith and Maryan Abdulkarim (2020), Daniel Erdmann, Vincent Courtois, Jim Hart and Charles Gil (2020), Kattrin Deufert and Johanna Tuukkanen (2021), Daniel Schüßler, Dorothea Förtsch and Jussi Sorjanen (2022), Salomon Bausch and​​​​​​​ Marko Ahtisaari (2023), Sajan Mani and​​​​​​​ Samir Bhowmik (2023), Sumugan Sivanesan and Matti Aikio (2023), Yiran Zhao and​​​​​​​ Tytti Arola (2023), July Weber and Kirsi Monni (2024), Dorothea Winter and Nitin Sawhney (2024), Sasha Waltz (2024). 

Salomon Bausch & Marko Ahtisaari © Goethe-Institut Finnland

Salomon Bausch and Marko Ahtisaari

Sajan Mani & Samir Bhowmik © Goethe-Institut Finnland

Sajan Mani and Samir Bhowmik

Maryan Abdulkarim and Karina Griffith

July Weber © Goethe-Institut Finnland

July Weber and Kirsi Monni