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Our specialised courses

Start on 11.04.2023

Everday talks and structures

In this course of intermediate level (B1+) you will train your oral skills and improve your pronunciation.
Start on 11.04.2023

Conversation and grammar

Are you at a B2 to C1 language level and would you like to fine-tune your conversational skills? Why not join our conversation course for advanced language students!

Everyday talks

In this course of beginner’s and intermediate levels (A2-B1) you will train your oral skills and improve your pronunciation.

Easy conversation in the morning

In this course of B1-B2 levels you will train your oral skills and improve your pronunciation.

City and Land - Getting to know Germany

In this course for intermediate and advanced levels you will get to know more about Germany.

Communication training

In this course for advanced learners (C1) you will train your communication skills.

Media course

This course is designed for advanced learners who want to discuss in German about current, political topics.

Virtual Special Courses

Start on 24.04.2023

Current affairs

This class is for advanced learners who would like to discuss German news and current affairs in a relaxed environment.
Start on 29.05.2023

Write like a Pro

In our online course you will train to write and edit different types of texts: travel stories, book or film reviews, blog posts or other text genres for the Goethe-Zertifikat exam.
Start on 29.05.2023

Grammar Course

Grammar structures are the building blocks of every language. Refresh your grammar knowledge in our course to effectively communicate in German.
Start on 29.05.2023

Let’s Talk BAUHAUS

Conversations about art and architecture – combine your interests with learning German!

Conversation and Literature

This course is designed for advanced students, who would like to discuss literature and literary topics in an enjoyable atmosphere. Any student with level C1 or higher can join.

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