What we do

A woman writing with a pen on a glass wall. Photo: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.

We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation. Our cultural and educational programmes encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement. They strengthen the development of structures in civil society and foster worldwide mobility.

With our network of Goethe-Instituts, Goethe Centres, cultural societies, reading rooms and exam and language learning centres, we have been the first point of contact for many with Germany for almost seventy years. Our long-lasting partnerships with leading institutions and individuals in over ninety countries create enduring trust in Germany. We are partners for all who actively engage with Germany and its culture, working independently and without political ties.

The Goethe-Institut in Finland

The Goethe-Institut Finnland in Kamppi is accessible and open to everyone.

Our library is free to use both online and on-site.

Our courses allow people of all ages to study German at all levels and to take language tests. We provide teaching materials and advanced training for German teachers. We also focus on cultural and digital education.

The Goethe-Institut is a promoter of German culture abroad. We seek to promote interaction. Our projects bring together everyday conventions and ideas in the myriad fields of art, science and social life as examples of cultural coexistence in our societies.

While planning and publicizing our events, we want to bring to light subject matters that receive too little attention, to question the prevailing status quo and to take into account different viewpoints. We focus on current hot topics in society, media and science. Our current focus subjects are ”How the new is created”, ”Equality in culture” and ”Ecology and sustainable development”.

Our staff and partners value communal approaches in implementing our projects. We engage in mutual dialogue throughout the process: from the original idea to discussions on different event types, the choice of artists, performers and speakers, funding, organization and publicity.

Goethe-Institut Finnland is a part of Helsinki Art Institution for Equality and adheres to the goals set out in Agenda 2030.

Our events are in German, Finnish or English either at the Goethe-Institut or at our collaborator's premises, depending on the target audience, form of collaboration and subject matter.

Do you want to collaborate with us? Do you have a project or idea that could bring us together? We're waiting for you to get in touch.