Außenfassage des Goethe-Instituts Finnland Photo: Valorama © Goethe-Institut Finnland

Arrival and Accessibility

The Goethe-Institut Finnland is located right next to the Kamppi shopping centre. The address is Salomonkatu 5 B. We are easy to reach by public transport, the Journey Planner provides information on routes and timetables.

There are bicycle racks directly in front of the institute next to the Kamppi shopping centre.

The nearest parking garage is called P-Presidentti. It is a barrier-free Autopay car park with a lift that takes you directly to Salomonkatu.


  • To enter the Goethe-Institut Finnland at Salomonkatu 5 B, you must first ring the doorbell, which unlocks the door.
  • The doorbell is located at a height of 140 cm.
  • The doorbell unlocks the left door, which can then be opened by pulling the door after the acoustic signal.
  • The door is heavy. In case help is needed with opening the door please call us (+358 72227 10).
  • The door is 80 cm wide and has a 2 cm high threshold.
  • The institute is located on the second floor of the building, which can be reached by either stairs or a lift.
  • The lift is 145 cm deep and 135 cm wide, the lift entrance is 75 cm wide.
  • The lift button is 110 cm above the floor.
  • Our entrance on the second floor is 80 cm wide and has a 2 cm high threshold.

Indoor Spaces, Services and aid devices

  • The premises are located on one floor.
  • The reception is located right next to the entrance.
  • There is seating available in our library.
  • Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.
  • There are two unisex toilets on our premises, which are not accessible.
  • The nearest accessible toilets are located in the Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Contact and assistance

If there are further questions about accessibility or if help is needed, the team on site is always available and can be reached by email or by phone at +358 44 72227 10. We are happy to help!

We try to make the Goethe-Institut as accessible as possible and a safer space for everyone. As we are still learning, we welcome all feedback. 

Goethe-Institut Finnland

+358 44 7222710