Talk Touko Hujanen: Forest family

Forest family Photo: Touko Hujanen

FRI 26.04.2019, 5 p.m.


as part of Goethe x Change

Lasse Nordlund (s.1965) is the only living person in Finland known to have lived self-sustained for decades. Nordlund has been living in the forest of North Karelia since the beginning of 1990´s. Now Lasse and his partner Maria Dorff share a home with their two children. The couple has in recent years become key figures in the Finnish “post-fossil” movement. Lasse and Maria are establishing a school for self-sufficiency, first of its kind in the world. Energy politics, food and merchandise production and critique of growth economy are all acute themes and directly connected to the lifestyle experiment of Nordlund and Dorff and the founding of the self-sufficiency school.

Touko Hujanen Bild: Touko Hujanen Photojournalist Touko Hujanen followed the life of Nordlund and Dorff in 2018 during four seasons, documenting the unique lifestyle of the family and the cycle of farming and the building of the self-sufficiency school with the help of volunteer work.

In this event, Touko Hujanen will introduce his project and the process of it. This will be followed up with a Q&A session, moderated by Gero Grundmann, designer and curator of the program Goethe x Change.
​Some of the photographs of the project can be seen as part of the exhibition "Festival of Political Photography 2019: Potentiality" at the Finnish Museum of Photography until 26.5.2019.