Deutsche Saison | Video Competition The Winners of the Competition „Football Fever in Indonesia"

© Goethe-Institut Indonesien

In August, as part of the German Season, the Goethe-Institut Indonesien the video competition “Football fever in Indonesia.” Indonesian participants were asked to send in a 90-second-video, in which they creatively explained why they support the German national football team. From more than 100 entries, a jury selected three lucky winners: Taufik Nur Shidiq, Agung Jatmiko Sardjono and Kukuh Rahardi.

The three winners traveled to Germany from 14 to 20 November. Their first stop took them to Berlin where they had the chance to explore the capital – including a visit to the famous Olympiastadion – before they continued their journey to Hanover, where they witnessed the friendly match Germany vs. the Netherlands live at the stadium.

Agung Jatmiko Sardjono - Cerita Pendukung Layar Kaca

Taufik Nur Shidiq - To be in Hannover in November: a timelapse story

Kukuh Rahardi - Crazy Night (Stop Motion Project)